Thalea C. and Justin L. Stokes


The Stokes family are dedicated members of the Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of Truth. They incorporate aspects and principals of their faith in their everyday lives while simultaneously respecting the varying religious/non-religious traditions and practices of others. One of the Stokes' guiding principles is respect of others and constant self-improvement.


Justin and Thalea were joined in holy matrimony in February 2013 at The Church in Benton Harbor (Benton Harbor, MI) before essential witnesses and a small congregation of family and friends. For the benefit of the greater company of family and friends across the country and the world, the Stokes' will hold an official wedding ceremony at a later date where they will recommit their vows.


The Stokes are a pair of dynamic and talented musicians who have delved into a variety of musical genres, and who have performed on numerous occasions for many different groups. Both of them are committed to broadening their musical horizons and constantly and consistently adding to their level of professionalism and experience.